colon cancer

Living and Thriving with Stage 4 Colon Cancer

Diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer as a young, working mom, Keisha Holloway has taken on a fighter’s determination during her journey through it all.

How Targeted Therapy Avastin (Bevacizumab) Treats Metastatic Cancer

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Targeted cancer therapy Avastin (Bevacizumab) is an FDA approved cancer treatment for various types of metastatic cancers, such as colon cancer and lung cancer. In this video, medical oncologist Dr. Stephen Lemon describes how this treatment works, as well as what types of side effects it may cause. Visit https://www.lightersideofcancer.com/ to watch more educational videos […]

Going Through Colon Cancer As a Senior

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Diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer when she was 89 years old, Alice Madsen shares her experience of going through cancer treatment as a senior. Visit https://www.lightersideofcancer.com/stories/ to watch more cancer survivor stories.