Side Effects from Chemotherapy Treatment

In this video, medical oncologist Dr. Stephen Lemon talks about some of the more common, as well as less common, side effects patients may experience during their cancer treatment.discusses various side effects of chemotherapy during cancer treatment. Visit https://www.lightersideofcancer.com/ to watch other videos on cancer treatment subjects.

Hair Loss Tips from Cancer Survivors

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In this video, cancer survivors share their tips and stories on hair loss during their cancer treatments. Their strength and determination truly show that bald is beautiful. Visit https://www.lightersideofcancer.com/ to watch more cancer education videos. This video was produced by Dr. Stephen J. Lemon to help provide more useful cancer information to cancer patients and […]

Experiencing Chemo Brain During Cancer Treatment

Going through chemotherapy treatment, cancer patients may experience various side effects such as chemo brain, which may cause some mental cloudiness, such as short-term memory loss. Visit https://www.lightersideofcancer.com/ to find more information on cancer, including personal stories and new cancer treatment information.

My Faith Journey with Breast Cancer

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Amy shares her journey with breast cancer. During this journey, she talks about how her faith has helped and how she has continued to witness many blessings during her treatment, including the birth of her baby, who was born during chemotherapy treatment. Visit https://www.lightersideofcancer.com/ to watch more cancer survivor stories.

My Journey Through Pancreatic Cancer – A Survivor Story

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When Bob Etzel was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer, he was told that this cancer would kill him. Even with that diagnosis, Bob remained steadfast to the belief that he could get through it. And he did. Through chemo treatments, radiation and surgery, Bob stayed positive and found a way to beat the odds.Visit […]

Chemo Rock – A Party Rock Anthem Parody

A group of cancer patients and oncology staff give cancer a run for the money is this music parody of Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. When it comes to the cancer journey, there is strength in numbers. Visit https://www.lightersideofcancer.com/fun/ to watch more cancer tribute videos.

Using a Portacath During Chemotherapy Treatment

In this video, oncologist Dr. Stephen Lemon explains how a portacath is used during chemotherapy for cancer treatment. Visit https://www.lightersideofcancer.com/education/ to watch other informative cancer education videos.